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future-magic.de - Magic shop for magic articles and magic tricks

future-magic.de - Magic shop for magic articles and magic tricks

Welcome to the world of magic!

Dear Friends of Magic,

Future Magic is a distributor of magic products with its own in-house production, qualified staff and worldwide contacts to other manufacturers.

Modern, spacious production building equipped with advanced machinery that uses computer-aided production technology to accomplish the most complex tasks. Flexible and fast warehouse logistics. Everything from the areas of stage/salon, close-up, children’s entertainment, mental magic, cards, large illusions, DVDs, literature and accessories.

Future Magic with more than 30 years of experience stands for:


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Current highlights and bestsellers


Chinese Washing Machine ☆NEW☆

A true classic of children's entertainment - the Magic Washing Machine! The magician realises that...

incl. VAT plus shipping

Santa in the Chimney ☆NEW☆

Fabulous seasonal entertainment, thanks to the fertile mind of Len Belcher. He took the old blocks...

incl. VAT plus shipping

Perfect Match/Lucky Lotto ☆NEW☆

Duplication of events, colourfully presented with a spectator and without the sometimes boring part...

incl. VAT plus shipping

Magic Wand Perfect ☆NEW☆

The symbol of magic art par excellence in a practical, very beautiful version. For everything where...

incl. VAT plus shipping


Tricon ☆NEW☆

Thread Rings... expensive? That's over now! TRICON is a device with which you can easily and...

incl. VAT plus shipping


Silver Ceptre ☆NEW☆

Over the years, this has proven itself to be an ALL-TIME WINNER with audiences. It’s potential far...

incl. VAT plus shipping

Scotch and Soda magnetic Germany ☆NEW☆

This must surely be the world's best known trick coin. Now precisely manufactured by Future Magic!...

incl. VAT plus shipping

Nesting Wands ☆NEW☆

New! Now available with either black or coloured wands! If you perform magic in front of children,...

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