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Terms of Shipment (private customers)

Shipping conditions
The products are delivered worldwide.

Deliveries within Germany:
We charge a flat rate of 6.01 € per order for shipping costs.

Deliveries abroad: We calculate the shipping costs abroad according to the current price list of the selected shipping service provider. These are shown before the order is sent.

The mentioned shipping costs include the legal value added tax.

Delivery times

As far as no other period is indicated in the article description, the delivery of the goods in Germany takes place within 3 - 5 days, for foreign deliveries within 5 - 15 days after order confirmation (in case of agreed prepayment on the day after your payment instruction).

Please note that there is no delivery on Sundays and holidays.

If you have ordered articles with different delivery times, we will send the goods in one joint shipment, unless we have made different agreements with you. In this case the delivery time is determined by the article with the longest delivery time you have ordered.

Terms of payment

For deliveries within Germany you have the following payment options:

  • Prepayment by bank transfer
  • Payment by PayPal
  • Payment by immediate bank transfer

For deliveries abroad you have the following payment options:

  • Prepayment by bank transfer
  • Payment by PayPal
  • Payment by immediate bank transfer

If you have any questions, you will find our contact details in the imprint.

Shipping conditions for commercial customers

Our shipping costs are weight-dependent and will be calculated bindingly in the course of your order process in the shopping cart ("Step 3 / Shipping costs").

If no other delivery period is stated in the item description, the goods will be shipped within 3 - 4 working days after conclusion of the contract (in case of advance payment only after receipt of the full purchase price and shipping costs).

We currently supply the following countries

AD Andorra (ANDORRA)
AE Ver.Arabische Emirate (UNITED ARAB EMIRATES)
AT Österreich (AUSTRIA)
AU Australien (AUSTRALIA)
BA Bosnien Herzegowina (BOSNIA HERZEGOVINA)
BE Belgien (BELGIUM)
BH Bahrain (BAHRAIN)
CA Kanada (CANADA)
CZ Tschechische Republik (CZECH REPUBLIC)
DE Deutschland (GERMANY)
DK Dänemark (DENMARK)
ES Spanien (SPAIN)
FI Finnland (FINLAND)
FR Frankreich (FRANCE)
GB Großbritannien (UNITED KINGDOM)
GE Georgien (GEORGIA)
GI Gibraltar (GIBRALTAR)
GR Griechenland (GREECE)
HR Kroatien (CROATIA)
IL Israel (ISRAEL)
IT Italien (ITALY)
JP Japan (JAPAN)
LI Liechtenstein (LIECHTENSTEIN)
LV Lettland (LATVIA)
MC Monaco (MONACO)
MT Malta (MALTA)
NL Niederlande (NETHERLANDS)
NO Norwegen (NORWAY)
PH Philippinen (PHILIPPINES)
PT Portugal (PORTUGAL)
RU Russland (RUSSIA)
SE Schweden (SWEDEN)
SI Slowenien (SLOVENIA)
SK Slowakei (SLOVAKIA)
TR Türkei (TURKEY)
TW Taiwan (TAIWAN)
ZA Suedafrika (SOUTH AFRICA)