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Magic Wands


Comedy Spring Wand

We forecast that this new and highly versatile comedy spring wand will become more popular than the...

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Flame throwing bang wand

A new magic wand in the Future Magic collection. As the name suggests, it pops and throws fire. A...

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Flash Vanish

Rarely does the audience see an effect that comes so close to what looks like real magic. This is...

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Flower Wand

The magician makes a paper-bag by turning a newspaper and shows the spectators that the...

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Groaning Wand

If you want to be successful in front of kids you need a whole collection of fun items. You might...

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Ideal Magicians Pen

Finally an accessory you can take in your pocket; it is a versatile, multi-functional object that...

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"Incredible", your spectators will say when you show them this trick. Should the spectators be...

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Magic Lolly Stick Wand

The basic idea goes back to Boretti, the ingenious children's entertainer. A classic magic wand...

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Magic Wand Perfect

The symbol of magic art par excellence in a practical, very beautiful version. For everything where...

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Tipsy Wand

This wand is one of the best gags ever invented for classic magic wands. No children’s entertainer...

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Torch to Magic Wand

This clever trick is a successful symbiosis of the fascination of fire, a sudden flash of light and...

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