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Universal Table Base light with Table Top

The stable and elegant helper for every show, the stable table with elegant top.

Table Top without Velvet stand silver
ID: 1268.10261.0573
Table Top with Velvet Base silver
ID: 1268.10262.0573/1
Table Top with Velvet Base black
ID: 1268.10846.0573/1
Table Top without Velvet Base black
ID: 1268.10847.0573/1
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  • Weight

A magic table where the picture says it all and saves us so big words. Stable and wobble-free due to three-legged frame, elegant table top with or without velvety velour surface and with sturdy, all-round edge protection! Table top approx. 55x35 cm.

Assembled and disassembled in seconds without tools and can be stored in the smallest space even in the fullest prop case. And still so inexpensive! Also an advantage of computer aided manufacturing technology! Total height approx. 88 cm - nevertheless smallest dismountable!
A universal base and several flanges allow the mounting of different devices on the frame. A tip from practice: For cup and balls etc. common close up pads can be cut to the table top size and thus provide perfect noise damping and an extremely good "anti-slip coating"!

  • Weight: 5.2 kg

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