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Perfekt Time Elements

The magician, by using mental powers, finds out in which of two closed tubes there is a match, although he was not even in the room when the spectator puts the match in one of the tubes!

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Resourceful minds all over the world have already looked into this mental effect, we believe that our precision-engineered version is the non plus ultra!

Imagine: You present two completely identical brass tubes with screw caps. The only difference: one of the tubes has a small, turned-in decorative ring in the lid. You give a medium from the auditorium a match and the two tubes in his/her hand. Then you ask the medium to put the match into one of the two tubes, close it again and put one tube into the left pocket, the other into the right pocket. But only after you have left the room. You will be escorted outside by a supervisor, so no chance of peeking through the keyhole to see what the medium is doing. Once the medium has put the tubes in the pocket, you will be called back into the room. Although you can't see the tubes, have no initiates sitting in the audience and nothing else untidy is going on, you can tell with absolute certainty which tube contains the match. Super simple, totally exciting for the audience, no risk for you.

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