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Magic for older Children – Pat Fallon

Are YOU missing out…?

Many magicians are happy performing for younger children and know how to get the best out of both the material they use and their audience.
Older children can be more difficult: if you try to adopt the same approach that you would for little ones…you’re in trouble!
Ireland’s foremost magician, Pat Fallon, has a wealth of experience in dealing with what some would see as a problem, and, on this DVD, he points out the potential pitfalls, as well as stressing that the market for entertaining older children is a lucrative one.
There’s no substitute for seeing theory put into practice: on this DVD you will see Pat giving a live show to a group of 8-11 year olds. Afterwards, he talks about some of the issues that need addressing with this age group and Pat also talks about his approach. You don’t need to perform the same tricks as him, but you can certainly learn a lot from his good advice.
In the show you’ll see complete routines for:
· the warm up · Twentieth Century Silks · Tricky Turvey Bottles · Needle Through Balloon · Cut and Restored Skipping Rope · Match That · Magic Painting · Anti Gravity Glasses · Houdini Séance · Selected Cards Across · Die Box · Fantasy Crystal Blendo.
"Pat Fallon has the enviable ability to develop intriguing 'hooks' for every effect he does. His routine for Tricky Turvey Bottles alone is worth the price of the DVD and I predict it will find its way into many a working repertoire.” Quentin Reynolds
Approx. running time: 100 mins.


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